About Gina


I grew up the second oldest of seven children. I have a deep love and connection to my family and a strong faith. For my former education, I graduated with a double major in Political Science and Communications from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. Later, I graduated with a Masters in Educational Leadership from Texas A & M in San Antonio, Texas. After spending 17 years in education and coaching, I was at a crossroads. I had worked very hard, but realized my future may not be so bright. I had meaningful success both as a coach and a teacher. But I felt even though I had taught full time, coached college, high school and club sports, and even served in the US Armed Forces, my finances were limited. It was then that I started saying it out loud for family, friends and co-workers to hear. Fortunately one of my assistant coaches was kind enough to share an opportunity that took my life on a completely different path. I truly believe that when you start desiring change, opportunities appear. Now I am passionate about building new relationships with people who are craving change in their health. Health to me is mind, body, spirit, and financial. My son and I love
living life and sharing empowering principles with others. We are active and enjoy the beach, hiking and all sports. We are very grateful for this honor to weave back into others what so many other phenomenal people have done for us. This is why I founded Proactive Coaching & Nutrition, to help pay forward everything that I’ve learned to empower others.